In our 2013 12 Supreme Days of Christmas Give Away (Click Here to see the GiveAway), I asked you for suggestions to improve what we do at Supreme Gecko.  Thank you for taking the time to give such great suggestions.  An boy did we get the suggestions!!!  Some I would classify as "What a Great Idea!" and some as "Wait, What!?!" suggestions.

Below, you'll find them listed with my responses.  


1. Keep doin' what yer doin'  By far the number one suggestion.  I really appreciate the support and confidence in everyone's suggestion.  However, I would really like to move Supreme Gecko along and do more in '14 than we did in '13.


2. More Videos-  It is clear that, for several years, we produced videos that helped the herp community and have lately slowed down with our YouTube additions.  2014 will correct this-  from new species and their care requirements to how we do things to interviews with our advertisers to whatever else you would like to see.


3. More Giveaways-  Well, it is apparent that the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas was a Hit.  Someone suggested we change the title to the 365 Supreme Days of Christmas.  LOL!  We can do this, well not 365 days worth of giveaways but will plan at least once a month. I like the idea from Carla and Edward to create contests and riddles for the giveaways.  Oh, and Cindy, I wish you COULD win a gift every single time!


4. More Web Page Updates-  Last year, due to the the unfortunate hacking of the site and the subsequent new site development, I only added animals a couple of times, did not update the collection pages, and added new content infrequently.  This was a major disappointment for me.  That will change in 2014 for sure.  New collection pages are in the works and should be coming in the Spring.  We will update the available animals at least every other month.  And you will see new articles way more frequently!  I love to write and really missed this in '13.


5. Update the web page-  Right!  The 2013 update was a debacle by far.  A new development team has been arranged and I have ideas for next year- more mobile (Thanks Dustin and Katie), better navigation (Thanks Vanessa).  I can only offer apologies for the step back this year.


6. Expand Gecko Lines-  People want to see an expanded line of gargoyles (Rita) and offer more chahouas (Amy).  2013 was a down year for chewies and gargs for SG but I am anticipating big things for both in 2014.  We did get some beautiful hold back babies  :)


7. Education- From doing educational shows (Robin) to Daily Tips and Tricks (Cassandra) to School of Hard Knocks (Julie). Great ideas.  We will schedule more of these updates.  I think I will incorporate this into the Supreme Gecko Fan page as well.


8. Recruit new people into the Hobby-  I love this idea (B4iwascrazy, Roger, Molly).  I just need ideas on doing this-  FB ads, ads on other sites, etc.


9. Auctions-  I have not done auctions in the past but may consider this for next year.  Thank you Nancy and Joseph.


10. Instagram account- Already there-  look for SUPREMEGECKO


11. Misc.-  Different geckos (Sue)  I added easily over a dozen new species this past year.

More Hardgoods-Decor (Chase)  Great idea. Will look into this.

More Pictures (Jan)  Guess this could go under More Updates.  This I WILL do in 2014.  However, photography, for me, is as much a hated activity as working with crickets  :)

More Posts to FB (Julie C.)  Will do!  Thanks.

Articles-Reader Participatoin (Julie K.)  My favorite idea.  Thank you.  I will do this in '14.

Update Camera (Casey)  Would love to but the one I have is pretty nice.  Any issues with my photography is User based  :)



2013 Suggestions-  for anyone interested- 

1. More animals  We fell down terribly on this one-   Not done

 2. More Supplies-  We've added a number of new supplies-  Success

3. Add a Forum-  Decided against this.  With the current social media crazy, I really think Forums are used less now (but I did get on Instagram and have 750 followers).

4. Add a Calendar-  Not really practical for us.

5. More HOW TO videos-  Only posted a handful.   Not done

6. More MRP flavors-  Well, Repashy dropped down to one flavor then back up.  I cannot keep up with him.  :)  But I have added Clarks Diet, Pangea, and Big Fat Geckos diet.  Success

7. MRP Easy Order Form-add flavors.  Created better categories on the store.  Added brands.  Success

8. Behind the Scenes photos (including Setups)  & More 'Real Life' stories. Did not get a chance to do this   Not done

9. HyperLinks for Available animals, last updated date, and more info before clicking on available animal.  Still a great idea.  Not done  but I will do this in '14

And more suggestions-

10. Available animals on natural background-  Difficult for me to get good photos.  Pass-  Will try in '14 again
11. Rarer Gecko Care SheetNot done Need to do this.
12. Offer Logo on TShirt-  Not done  Need to do this
13. Notes on How we decide on who to pair up-  Not done  Will do in '14
14. Sell adult cresteds-  Added over 2 dozen adult cresties and several P. picta pair Success
15. Video on breeding insects- Coming in the next week  Success
16. Pictures on more species we are working with-  Not done
17. Sell Red Panthers (picta geckos)-  Still working on this :)
18. Follow up pictures of customer's geckos we sold to them-  Good idea.  I think I could use Instagram for this.
19. Redesign Logo-  Success  Thank you Bobby Delaney
20. Navigation on sub articles clunky-  Fixed  Success 


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Ever have one of those shopping days where you were looking for something new (new fishing lure, new CD, new shoes) and came home with 8 or 10 similar items?  Well this was my recent shopping spree at Switzer Reptiles.

About a week ago, i was reviewing the Kingsnake/Fauna Classifieds and saw an ad from Linda at Switzer Reptiles for a little gecko I had a couple years ago and wanted to keep again- Lygodactylus kimhowelli.  Well, it did not stop there.  She also had Lygodactylus capensis (another cool little gecko).  If you have not kept any Lygos (best known for their species L. williamsi [electric blue]), you are missing out.  Small, active durnial geckos that require little in husbandry and loads of fun watching their behavior.  So I decided on getting 2.2 of each (2 males & 2 females).  "Oh wait, she also has L. williamsi".  Having lost a male recently, I added one to my list.  


More ads to review from Switzer Reptiles and more animals went in the basket-  Hemidactylus tanginicus and Hemidactylus squamulatus.  I'm working with Hemidactylus ruspoli and having some success, and loving the look of the babies, so these two Hemis were added.


Finally, another gecko, Cnemespic africana that I knew NOTHING about at all was being offer and I jumped in for two pairs of this one. The order was placed and the wait was on for a shipping time of the next week.  This gave me time to setup tanks.  How many?  Nine tanks in all.  Not so bad but that meant other animals had to be moved, tanks cleaned, and these 9 setup.  This was absolutely the full day Sunday for me.  This is ok as I love setting up new enclosures and learning about new geckos.


New Setup 1    New Setup 2

Finally, shipment day came.  Scheduled for a 10:00 AM shipment, by 11:00 and no animals (I was not too concerned with the wonderful weather we were having), Linda CALLED ME to see if the animals had arrived.  She had checked tracking and saw no delivery info.  She offered to follow up, even though I knew they were on the truck in our town... somewhere.  Well, during her next call 10 minutes later the truck arrived with the animals.


Unpacking was like opening gifts at Christmas.  Mark after mark on the packing list noted that additional animals were added to the deli cups.  Thank you Linda!


Put away took only a few minutes as examined each little gecko and found only one that was a bit lethargic (doing find now).   Water dishes provided and a very small meal for each saw them all settle into their new enclosures.  One happy customer later, I have some very nice new animals and Linda has another repeat customer!


Switzer shipment Lygodactylus kimhowelli Lygodactylus capensis
Switzer Reptiles shipment Lygodactylus kimhowelli Lygodactylus capensis
Cnemespic africana Hemidactylus squamulatus Hemidactylus tanginicus
Cnemespic africana Hemidactylus squamulatus Hemidactylus tanginicus






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This past year we have been very fortunate at Supreme Gecko to have such wonderful friends supporting us in so many ways. In the spirit of the holidays, we (and our special sponsors) would enjoy giving a little back to our community. Over the next few days, as a thank you, we will be giving away a gift a day.


is eligible? Anyone! Some days, names will be drawn from our mailing list - Click SIGNUP to the right to register. Some days, names will be drawn from participation on facebook. Other days, maybe something special!

WHAT Last year was our second year for the give away and we had some nice gifts including two exoterra enclosures, subscription to Reptile Magazine, and $50 and $100 gift certificates to Supreme Gecko. This year, more and better! Wait till you see them!

WHEN will the gifts be given? Over the next few weeks- to Christmas Eve 12/24/2012.



We started packing up animals at 4:30 Sunday morning in preperation for the big show.  By 6:00 am, I was on the computer for work.  It's so difficult to miss a show like this one but I have such a wonderful, supporting family that just picked up the ball and ran with it.  Thank you everone for visiting our table and asking about me.  BTW- work went well as did the show.

SEWERFest - The crowd SEWERFest - Ryan showing off SEWERFest - beautiful animals
A great crowd for the show Ryan showing his wares Beautiful animals

SEWERFest - The crowd SEWERFest - Ryan showing off SEWERFest - beautiful animals
Outstanding dragons John showing the frogs So much to see

SEWERFest - The crowd SEWERFest - Ryan showing off SEWERFest - beautiful animals
Fun Times! Looking for a Supreme gecko More wonderful animals

SEWERFest - The crowd SEWERFest - Ryan showing off SEWERFest - beautiful animals
Great looking display Sold! Nick is ready.

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Last year in October (10/2011), I purchased a group of geckos from Jon Boone.  Two were specific animals that I really wanted in my collection.  I was pleasantly surprised Jon was keeping them and had some available.  In one of my Emails during this transaction, I asked if he had any other animals that I might be interested in.... BIG MISTAKE!

There are always gecko available from Jon that I ABSOLUTELY AM interested in keeping.  What a dumb question.  Well Jon sent back a nice, short list but praised the uniqueness of one gecko in particular-  Hemidactylus ruspoli (see below).  Jon described the species as Extremely rare.  I happily ordered a pair and was exceedingly pleased at seeing the animals when they came in.  They were stunning animals with great markings.

The pair were added to a sandy substrate 10 gallon tank with hiding spots, water dish, and heat source (low 90s).  Quick story on the pair--  Sometime during the winter of 2011/2012 I found the top ajar and the super fast, small geckos out of the tank.  Unfortunately, during one of the feedings, we did not put the screen top all the way down.  Well, after about an hour of scouring the room, my youngest son was able to locate the two healthy geckos (and claim his cash reward) and we located them back in their enclosure.

This year in May, I took a couple of quick photos and sent them over to Jon for review as I was concerned that I could not distinguish either as a male.  He graciously handled my question with providing additional information on the two geckos and indicated one was absolutely a male. 

This past weekend, while cleaning poop (which you know is my favorite thing to do Read More), I lifted up a piece of corkbark and found one of the expected adults but also saw a tiny head peak around the other side of the wood then dart right back under.  Babies!!!  Unreal.  I was very excited but also realized that I had not checked for eggs in at least a month or so.  Prodding around a bit in the sand and sure enough, 2 eggs!  Another piece of driftwood lifted and another little tiny baby shot out.  This one tail-less unfortunately but very spry.

The two little youngsters were located in another small version of the parents enclosure and are doing fine on small crickets and mealworms.  I hope they grow quickly and can be shared with other hobbyists.


From Jon-  "They are exceedingly rare and it’s one that I feel fortunate to work with.  A long story made short is that a European herpetologist got a small permit to work with Chameleons in Kenya and found the H. ruspolii up near Lake Rudolf on the Ethiopian border and fell in love with them.  He eventually brought back 4 animals and they turned out to be 3.1.  They eventually bred, crossbred and now we are some of the first people in the world to work with c.b. animals of this fantastic species."

Hemidactylus ruspolii Hemidactylus ruspolii eggs Hemidactylus ruspolii baby
Hemidactylus ruspoli adult Hemidactylus ruspoli eggs Hemidactylus ruspoli baby



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