In our 12 Supreme Days of Christmas Give Away, I asked you for suggestions to improve this web site.  Thank you for taking the time to give me such great ideas.  Below, you will find them listed, my responses, as well as a quick Recap of the year.  I am really looking forward to 2016 and what the year will bring.

Time is Not On My Side

As many knew, work grabbed me around March-April and just consumed me.  I have been working on a huge project that will go in at the end of 2015.  Hours of around 60-70/week killed me!  Thank you Nanette for helping so much in the facility.  The web pages suffered as well as my social media presence.  The animals did ok but we did lose some key geckos that were getting up in age.

Major Changes/Accomplishments


First Time Hatchlings
Cyrtodactylus elok baby 02 Goniurosaurus kuroiwae mom with babies Pachydactylus bicolor baby Pachydactylus rangei baby 04 Teratoscincus scincus baby
Cyrtodactylus elok Goniurosaurus kuroiwae Pachydactylus bicolor Pachydactylus rangei Teratoscincus scincus



New Arrivals
Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi coleonyx mitratus 01 cyrtodactylus peguensis Goniurosaurus bawanlingensis a
Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi Coleonyx mitratus Cyrtodactylus peguensis Goniurosaurus bawanlingensis
Goniurosaurus luii 5 Pachydacylus bicolor 1 Pachydacylus scutatus 2 Teratoscincus scincus
Goniurosaurus luii Pachydacylus bicolor Pachydacylus scutatus Teratoscincus scincus  

Daily Gecko News- From Jan. 1 to Nov 30 (stopped due to The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas) and half of 2014 I have been contributing EVERY day.  I’ve shared the good, the bad, the new, the parting, the frustrations, and the excitement of running a small breeder facility out of our home.  Will I continue in 2016?  Yes.  Will it be every day.  No, but maybe once a week.  Stay tuned.   2015-  and 2014-

Onward and Upward-  Added Hallway setups (with mister), new Cave gecko rack, and new gargoyle rack.

New Directions

1. Number one is a downsizing of our Leopard geckos, Paroedura picta, and micro geckos-  the first two by choice and the last by attrition.
2. Less items on the store.  You will see one item completely off the store.  I am sure you know what it is and why we pulled it.  Also, I’ve removed about 15 other items that we added in 2015.  I realized that there are other great supply stores and offering products like this on SG was not my niche. 
3. Less web page, more facebook- From producing a Newsletter monthly to huge article series on the web page, I am becoming more active with FB and putting more and more content there.  This trend will continue in 2016.


2016 Suggestions- Here are your suggestions for the upcoming year

Mobile  By a wide margin, this was the # 1 suggestion.  2 years ago, we made this move with horrible results (almost lost the web page).  I will check on this in '16.
More Animals for Sale As a close second, I understand your pain.  I will be producing more animals in 2016 and will be more consistent in posting these animals to the page.  
Monthly (or more current) Feature such as Featured Breeder, Vendor, Blog Chat, Q&A Corner, trivia, jokes, etc.  This will be done in 2016. 
Crested Gecko Breeders page-  fix and make it more up-to-date.  DONE!  Check it out at
Rare Species-  Sounds like we need to re-initiate the Most Underrated Gecko series again. 
Spelling Errors-  I get it!  I am a terrible speller.  Maybe someone can volunteer to help with this.  
Kids Section-  I will look into this in 2016 as an added feature of the page.  
More Videos-  Equipment and time constraints have slowed me down on video but I will certainly add more in 2016. 
Misc. Suggestions-  Too many to list individually but all great suggestions.  A few that really caught my eye-  The FAQ section needs lots of content.  The Other Species page needs content. Both will be worked on in EARLY 2016. 


2015 Suggestions- at the end of 2014, I asked for suggestions and here is what you provided (and how we did)- 

 Web Page-  New Content  Fell short on this one.  I need more featured articles and special articles
 Web Page-  More Content   DONE-  A blog post EVERY day for over a year and a half! 
 Web Page- Format-  This is set and really cannot be changed.
 Web Page- Misc  Still need to find an admin.  Not as easy as it sounds.
 FaceBook Changes- More Available Animals Albums, More info about me, and More Fun stuff.  By flipping between the Wally Kern and the SG page, you will find more than in 2014.  How can I be anymore fun  J
 Supreme Gecko Store-  More Available Animals.  I added about the same in ’15 as I did in ’14.  We will put together a schedule to do a better job of this.
 YouTube- More Videos- Promised 26-52.  Fell far short
 Reptile Shows-  More shows.  Unfortunately at this time, we will be limited to @ 5-8 per year
 12 Supreme Days of Christmas- Add a 12SDOC FB page.  Done


2014 Suggestions-  

Different geckos-  I keep adding more and more.
More Hardgoods- Decor Done
More Pictures-   Done- but we are posting more on Instagram and FB than anywhere else.
More Posts to FB-   Done
Articles- Reader Participation Not Done.
Update Camera-  Not Done, our camera is fine, but I did receive some great lessons from Margaret S.