In our 12 Supreme Days of Christmas Give Away, I asked you for suggestions to improve this web site.  Thank you for taking the time to give such great suggestions.  Below, you will find them listed, in order of duplicates, and my responses.  Before continueing though, let me note that many of you knew about my work schedule (70 hour weeks for most of the year).  Not an excuse but I did have to prioritize my responsibilities and updating the page fell quite a bit lower than taking care of the animals as best as I could.  2012 will be different.

1. More Pictures-  Many want to see pictures of our crested geckos, leopard geckos, and others- both breeders and available (to be covered later).  I have several groups of breeders not listed on the page and have begun adding as of last week (added 3 new crested groups) but, I will continue this and hopefully by the end of January will be caught up.



2. More animals available- both adding animals and keeping the page updated.  As this is the most time consuming activity for me (and one that I just do not look forward to) I try to batch updates every couple months.  Last year, I believe I only updated the page 2 or 3 times.  I will be more diligent this next year- including leos, crested, pictus, and yes gargoyles as well.

3. More Supplies-  I will look into cages and enclosure decor.  If there is anything else. let me know.

4. Add a Forum-  I did a couple years ago but disabled it soon afterwards.  Here is my thoughts.  Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter provides such a great 'interactive' tool.  I've reviewed forum participation #s and all major forums have big drops in traffic.  I think another forum just wouldn't be used enough.  If you have questions, comments, photos to share, please feel free to add to the Supreme Gecko Facebook Fan Page

5. Add a Calander-  Already there on the first page.  But, I may look for one a bit easier to use for me and for you.

6. More HOW TO videos-  Great idea!  I just purchased a new camera and will play around with it this week.  My goal in 2012 is to add a dozen new videos (at least). Leave a comment below on what you would like to see.

7. More MRP flavors-  Well, Repashy MRP flavors will be limited starting Jan 1 2012.  Let me now what you need NOW!

8. MRP Easy Order Form-add flavors.  I made the form to make ordering easy.  One Flavor, one click.  For more flavors, please use the Store.

9. Behind the Scenes photos (including Setups)  & More 'Real Life' stories.  Another great idea.  I will plan behind the scenes for January or February and add more stories now!

10. HyperLinks for Available animals, last updated date, and more info before clicking on available animal.  I will start looking into this.  Good ideas.

And more suggestions-

11. Available animals on natural background-  I tried this back a couple years ago.  While easier to do, it did not show the animals that well, in my opinion.  I may give this another try on the next shoot.
12. Rarer Gecko Care Sheet- As I have the opportunity to work with, and breed, more geckos in 2012, I will provide more care sheets.
13. Offer Logo on TShirt-  In the works
14. Notes on How we decide on who to pair up-  Sounds like a good future article.
15. Sell adult cresteds-  Easier said than done.  I have tried to do this for a few years but the young ones go so quickly!  I am working on this.
16. Video on breeding insects-  I may need some help with this but we sure can add these.
17. Pictures on more species we are working with-  Coming this week!
18. Sell Red Panthers (pictus geckos)-  We are working on this :)
19. Follow up pictures of customer's geckos we sold to them-  Good idea.  I need to determine where they would go.
20. Redesign Logo-  I will look into this.
21. Navigation on sub articles clunky-  I will look into this.
22. Change User Name-  I will look into this.
23. More pictures with Speckles-  Join me at any show in 2012 and we will have Speckles there!

Did I miss any?



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