Supreme Gecko The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas

Welcome to Year 5!  Wait till you see what's in store for you this year!!!   Hint-  do you need a new enclosure?!?

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As you know, all the gifts given out during the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas are FREE!  A special thank you to all our vendors/breeders for their generosity!

Why do the vendors donate so much?  Well, there is the aspect of exposure of their business/product (as this event gains in popularity each year and gets thousands of views and comments on social media pages) but I truly feel those donating are doing it, like I am, as a gift back to the community.

Zilla Logo Captive-Bred-Specialties Fire and Ice logo ReptileDirect Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles Ridiculous rhacs


Captive Bred


Fire n Ice








Gecko Boa logo WCR 3 Natures Replica  Bug Brothers logo Tundra Exotics MAHS

Gecko Boa


West Coast









Pangea logo  Happy Gecko Sticky Situation  ghoulish geckos logo zoo med sea breeze cresties logo  ReptileRapture


Happy Gecko





Sea Breeze




 Rebecca Wyman

Rainbow mealworms

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RAW Reptiles




Tropic Exotics


K&A Kritters



 The Gecko


Davids Fine Geckos


 Davids Fine 






 DAY 1  


To Enter-

John Scarbrough- John is quickly becoming one of the handful of gecko gurus in the hobby. With his knowledge, experience, and amazing assortment of animals, John appears on several reptile talk shows and offers several educational videos on his site. Trying to list all the geckos he works with in this space would be difficult. Check them out at
John has graciously donated a $100 gift certificate to Gecko Boa


Ryan McVeigh- is a cornerstone in this hobby. With his position at Zilla, Ryan has and will be doing some amazing things to benefit the animals we keep, our hobby, and the reptile business in general. This giveaway has so much to thank Ryan for this year with all the amazing donations. Please take a moment and visit and the Madison Area Herpetological Society


Ryan has donated both- a Zilla digital power center ($60 value) and Small Zilla heat mat ($20 value)



You know Matthew Parks as Mr. Pangea. Matt has brought so much to the hobby and so much to crested gecko keeping it is difficult to even begin to start here. Outstanding crested geckos, the Pangea Crested Gecko Diet, and an amazing reptile store. Thank you Matt for your contributions. I am sure you know where the site but please visit Matt at
Matt has donated 10 lbs of Cork bark to the giveaway ($70 value)

Jon Armstrong has supported our giveaway since the beginning. With his and others support, The 12 Days of Christmas is an event we all look forward to each year. Jon runs West Coast Roaches, one of the largest suppliers of feeder insects in the nation. With quality insects, I am sure West Coast Roaches will be around for a long, long time. Check them out at
Jon has donated a $25 gift certificate for Day 1

Gecko Boa logo  Zilla Logo   Pangea logo   WCR

 And the Winner is-  Austin Carrico.  Congratulations.



 DAY 2 



To Enter-

What can I say about the Madison Area Herpetological Society. One of the most influential and active herp societies in the nation, It seems like they are doing educational shows and presentations almost every weekend. There is nothing more important to this group than EDUCATION. This group recently hosted the 30th Midwest Herp Symposium.   Check out all they have going on at



Jon Armstrong has supported our giveaway since the beginning. With his and others support, The 12 Days of Christmas is an event we all look forward to each year. Jon runs West Coast Roaches, one of the largest suppliers of feeder insects in the nation. With quality insects, I am sure West Coast Roaches will be around for a long, long time. Check them out at
Jon has donated a $25 gift certificate for Day 2


Richard Allen of Reptile Rapture has done so much for the hobby.  Located in Madison Wisconsin, his store is one of the cleanest, well stocked retail stores around.  Richard prides himself on quality animals and providing a huge amount of information to his customers.  Check out the great selection of reptiles and great prices at Reptile Rapture.  

Richard has donated a Herping Flashlight and Temp Gun for Day 2 a value of $65

ReptileRapture   WCR   MAHS

 And the Winner is-  Karen Skinner.  Congratulations.


 DAY 3 



To Enter-

Thank you Rachel Wintjen of Happy Gecko Stickers for donating $ 100 of non-custom products to The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas giveaway. What a great gift.


Find stickers, wall decals, jewelry, apparel and other items with our original free-hand drawn artwork on them. These are all available in our store. We focus on providing you with a variety of reptile art pieces and putting them on even more varied items. All professional quality, all original artwork, and all created at this in-home business. From common species to obscure ones, you'll soon be able to find your favorite reptile in our store. Find that species, even the very morph that you've been looking for.


I wanted to send a special thank you to The Gecko Vault for their contribution of a $40 gift certificate to their store for The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas. Please visit their page (or page on Facebook) and give a big thank you.

Happy Gecko Sticky Situation     The Gecko Vault logo2


 And the Winner is-  JULIE KOSLOWSKY.  Congratulations.

 DAY 4 


Four, YES four gift combos will be given out on Day 4!!!!!   Here's what they include-

Gift 1-  From Kristi Cichy-Housman a $100 gift certificate to Ghoulish Geckos, from Gillian Spenser of Rainbow Mealworms a $ 17 Gecko Sampler Pack, and from Ryan McVeigh of Zilla a $40 Infrared Thermometer

Gift 2-  From Doug Kulie a $100 gift certificate to Ridiculous Rhacs, from Rebecca Wyman of RAW Reptiles a 1lb $35 bag of Pangea crested gecko food, and from Ryan McVeigh of Zilla a $40 Infrared Thermometer

Gift 3- From Adam Christopher of Tropic Exotics Herps a $50 gift certificate, from Ryan McVeigh of Zilla a $40 Infrared Thermometer, and from Christopher Kelley of Bug Brothers a $100 isopod package (this is pretty cool!)

Gift 4- From Charles Schurman of Tundra Exotics a 10 gallon and a 20 gallon tank conversion kit (there are cool), from Ryan McVeigh of Zilla a $40 Infrared Thermometer, from Sea Breeze Cresties a 1 lb $35 bag of Pangea crested gecko food, and from West Coast Roaches a $25 gift certificate.

WOW-  each gift is valued between $160 and $190!  Total gifts today-  over $700

TO ENTER-  Just comment below your preference for the gift you would like to receive (example- GIFT 1).  Please only one comment per person.  We will draw 4 names (one for each gift) to giveaway Tuesday Dec 8.  Good Luck.    ADD Comment

Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit those sponsoring this giveaway and thank them for their support!!


Gift 1   Gift 2



Gift 3   Gift 4 

GIFT 1 Winner is-  Fred Krauth  

GIFT 2  Winner is-  Leanne Kimberlin   

GIFT 3 Winner is-  Jessica Moore 

GIFT 4  Winner is-   Brandon Vettel 

Winners-  Please contact me (Wally Kern) on FB with your contact informatoin.


 DAY 5 


From Ryan McVeigh of Zilla (again) a Heat and UVB backing fixture w/Bulbs-  $100 value


heat and uvb backing fixture   


TO ENTER-  The sponsor links above (click on pictures) are all the vendors/breeders/store owners that have supported The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas (click on their icon).

Step 1- using one of the links and head over to any/several/all

Step 2- Leave a comment like "thank you for your contribution to The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas"

Step 3- Comment below "Thanked XXX" with XXX being the number of "Thank yous" you left-    ADD Comment

Note- the more the merrier. Each Thank you is an addition change to win! This is entirely on the honor system so please be accurate with your numbers.  

Some of the LINKS above do now allow comments so please use the links below-

Zilla - Ryan McVeigh   SW Reptile -Jim Stelpflug   Gecko Boa - John Scarbrough

West Coast Roaches   Nature's Replica   Pangea - Matthew Parks    Happy Gecko Stickers - Rachel Wintjen

Ghoulish Geckos - Kristi Cichy-Housman   SEWERfest- Shane Ager    Reptile Rapture - Richard Allen

Rainbow Mealworms- Gillian Spence    The Gecko Vault - Joe Braga        DavidsFineGeckos- David Pelle

 And the Winner is-  Paige Smith.  Congratulations.


 DAY 6 


From Jim Stelpflug of SW Reptiles.  Jim has been a contributor to this great giveaway from Day 1!  He has donated a $100 gift certificate.  And have you seen his snakes lately!!!!!!

Thank you so much Jim.



TO ENTER-  Simply visit The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas FB page and leave a comment answering-  What are you thankful for?


Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles      100dollars


And the Winner is-  Crystal Wing.  Congratulations.



 DAY 7 


Day 7 of the giveaway- $140 gift values. 
Gifts from a $100 gift certificate and from Val Figone of Checkers’ Geckers- a $40 gift certificate. ( has been a sponsor of the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas for, well a long time! I cannot thank them enough for supporting the event. Make sure you visit their page and check out the supplies. I know you will not be disappointed.

A special thank you to Val Figone for her special donation to the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas. I've know Val for a bit now and she has really developed a certain love for animals. I wanted to share this from her- "Im a small time breeder with big time goals! Specializing in geckos, my number one goal is producing healthy geckos with great temperaments! Whether you are looking for a breeder to add to your collection or looking for the perfect pet, we have what you need! We currently have 11 different gecko species, and plan to add more. All of my geckos are my pets first, each one of them with a name and a different personality! From Leopard geckos to Fat Tail geckos, Gargoyles and Cresties. If you are looking for a quality gecko, Checkers' Geckers is the place to go!"


TO ENTERSimply go to The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas FB page and SHARE. 

 ReptileDirect   Checker Geckers logo

And the Winner is-  Jody Johnson.  Congratulations.


 DAY 8 

Day 7 of the giveaway- $ 299 gift values.  

From Zilla an Extra Large Cage (18x18x25)- retail value $125.

From Zilla a Digital Power Center- retail value $60.  

From David Pelle of DavidsFineGeckos a Female Eclipse Poss Het Tremper Emerine lineage (shipping paid by winner)a $100 retail value.

From Michael Steffen of Nature's Replicas-  a laying cave retail value $14.  


I've known David Pelle for some time now. Notably, he knows his animals, the reptile community, the market, genetics, and far too many other areas of this hobby to list here.
His animals have been very, very carefully selected from the best bloodlines around. The genetics in his collectsion are well documented and unquestionable. He expects the very best from his animals (quality, size, characteristics, and of course genetics), and he gets it.
On top of everything else going on in his life, David also puts together one of the best reptile talk shows around- Gecko Nation Radio, featuring top guests such as Ron Tremper and others. There is no better source of up to date information around.
But, the one quality of Mr. Pelle that comes out immediately when you talk to him is his love for the animals, community, and hobby itself. Above all that he does, his concern for other hobbyists and their animals rises above.


Thank you David for contributing once again to this year's The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas.

Please visit David Pelle's site at


Michael Steffen really has something special going on over at Nature's Replica. His specialty is certainly aquatic décor (I wish I still had tropical fish!). Nature's Replica however features realistic looking gecko hides too! And most recently, Michael has added live foods and other products.


""Every product is hand-crafted in our studio, based in St Louis, Missouri. Each product in our portfolio is thoroughly and meticulously inspected before, during, and after production to ensure that only the absolute highest quality items make it to our customers. We set rigorous standards for our products to pass in order to satisfy our clients, and take great care and pride in our ceramic product line."


Thank you David for contributing once again to this year's The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas.

Please visit Nature's Replica at


 TO ENTER-  Simply add a comment below-  "All I want for Christmas is ___________________"   (and fill in a reptile related gift)      ADD Comment

Zilla Logo    Natures Replica logo   Davids Fine Geckos



large-ZILLA FLX CRITTER CAGE XL  Digital Power Centers   Rock Hide   

leopard geckos


And the Winner is-  Jeremy Hughes.  Congratulations.


 DAY 9 

Day 9 of the giveaway- $245 gift values. 

From Ben and Brenda Howard of Fire n Ice-  an ExoTerra Habisphere  $130

From Shane Ager and SEWERFest-  a Zoo Med small rock waterfall and 2 jars of Zoo Med crested gecko diet-  $ 90 value

From Krystina Cook of K & A Kritters- a cool T-Shirt and 8oz bag of Pangea crested gecko diet-  $ 25 value

I want to thankBen and Brenda Howard so much for their contribution of an ExoTerra Habisphere. This is a really cool gift. They are really doing great things in the hobby right now and just started a brick and mortar store in Bismark ND. Wish we were closer. Please visit their web page at


Shane and Aaron LaForge put together one of the Very best shows around- SEWERFest. This show features wonderful, hobby concerned vendors and some of the best animals around. If you are looking for advise or help, or that animal of your dreams, make sure you get over to SEWERFest.



K &A Kritters is a a company currently breeding multiple reptile species. We are currently working with chahouas, cresteds, gargoyles, sarasinorums, bearded dragons, day geckos, leaf tails, white line geckos, leopard geckos, leachies and a few other odds and ends.


Please visit her web site and thank her.


TO ENTER-  Simply add a comment below and answer-  What is your favorite part of the Supreme Gecko Website?        ADD Comment


Fire and Ice logo     SEWERFest   Tshirt


waterfall   waterfall2   ExoTerra Habisphere

And the Winner is-  Tyler Kroll.  Congratulations. 


 DAY 10 


Day 10 of The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas already! This one really has me excited-
From Jon Boone a Oedura coggeri juvi. What an amazing animal and you have a chance to own one of these rare geckos. Value $250.
From Ryan of Zilla a Mini Heat & UVB Fixture w/Bulbs Value $75
From West Coast Roaches another $25 gift certificate.


TO ENTER- Simply leave a comment on The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas Facebook page- listing one thing Supreme Gecko should do to improve our web page/FB page/etc. (note- any answers saying "Nothing" will be excluded- I know there has to be something).
Winner will not be pulled randomly but by myself based on the answers.


Thank you everyone for such insightful, honest, and thought provoking comments on how I can make Supreme Gecko a better site/sites.  To be honest, I look forward to this 1 request of everyone so I can learn how to improve.

This year, like others, there were 2 popular suggestions-

Making SG more mobile-  To address this, 2 years ago, I went this direction and went through a new release for the site that went horribly wrong and almost lost all content.  I am now very gun shy on updating the site but will look into this in 2016.  Anyone with experience and a suggestion, please let me know.

More available animals-  This always seems to be on my list of To Dos, but I never get a chance to take pictures and post them.  I will try harder in 2016.

I'll be answering every message tonight but wanted to address these two.


Without further ado -   The Winner is-  Kristen Lepa.  Congratulations


Oedura coggeri   Mini Heat and UVB Fixture   dubias


Zilla Logo    WCR


 DAY 11

Day 11 of The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas 2015​. Well fans we are down to the last 2 days and I couldn't be more exited. Today's gift is a Zilla 20L Premium Turtle Kit, a $175 retail value.
But also.... 2 Northern diamondback terrapin babies! A value of $180! Total value $355. This is an unbelievable gift from Ryan McVeigh​ of Mad City Reptiles​

TO ENTER-  Simply head over to The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas FB page and follow the directions for Day 11. 

If you would, please visit and thank Ryan.


Photo used from

zilla setup 2   Northern diamondback terrapin   Mad City Reptiles

 The Winner is-  Diana Martin.  Congratulations


 DAY 12 


 $ 249 gift values.  


From Ryan Hill of Captive Bred Specialties an 18x18x24 ExoTerra ($170 value!)
From Michael Steffen of Nature's Replicas a great gecko lay cave ($14)
From Zilla Products a Medium Heat mat ($30)
From DavJay Golden of Sea Breeze Cresties a 1lb bag of Pangea ($35)
TO ENTER-  Simply add a comment below and answer-  How can we improve The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas?       ADD Comment

 ExoTerra Enclosure   Rock hides

Captive-Bred-Specialties   Zilla Logo   sea breeze cresties logo

Natures Replica logo   

The Winner is-  Sierra Reich.  Congratulations



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#496 B. Slayden 2015-12-24 16:21
Maybe multiple smaller prizes where more people have the chance of winning.
#495 erica stolte 2015-12-24 04:14
I would like to see days where there are multiple smaller prizes so more people have a chance of winning a prize. I never win these, participated before and I'm guessing the same holds true for many others.
#494 Sway N Amsie 2015-12-24 01:37
I think it would be fun to watch the winner be drawn!
#493 Kevin Krug 2015-12-23 20:54
I really like the current format but did notice that some of the days had more time/days between them then the others. I was thinking maybe go to an every other day format starting on either the 1st or the 2nd so that the next "gift day" would be either the 3rd or 4th respectively and so on and so on. It would give people a little bit more time to enter each contest then.
#492 Kristi Housman 2015-12-23 20:27
Honestly, I think the giveaway is great as it is. I do see people wishing for more winners, so maybe breaking up some gifts each day instead of one person winning so many items? Not sure if that would work well, but it's definitely an option. Thanks again for all this and for letting me donate this year. :)
#491 Judi Gove 2015-12-23 19:58
Love the website! Would love to see hoe customers use the items they purchase (a pix page). Merry Christmas to all reptile peeps!
#490 Victoria will 2015-12-23 17:12
I think a way u could improve would be to have more winners or to is to give away some or you're own stuff like some of you're own geckos and products, I really hope I win this would be great for my crested gecko that I have now he's only a baby but is growing and needs a new little home :-) :roll:
#489 michael prince 2015-12-23 16:17
I think a way you could improve the 12 supreme days of Christmas is to have multiple winners for every day. Give people a higher probability of winning. It's a great giveway as is, don't get me wrong, but it's just an idea :)
#488 Andrea Williams 2015-12-23 11:30
How to improve the 12 days? Hmm. This is a fanastic and very fun giveaway. Maybe spread the love and have multiple winners each day? Maybe add a winner gets to pick a reptile rescue to send a donated gift to. There are a few very awesome rescues that I am sure could benefit greatly from some of these awesome gifts (obviously not the animals, ha ha)
#487 Kristen Lepa Randall 2015-12-23 07:32
Congratulations Diana!
#486 Jan Margelowsky 2015-12-23 07:06
My suggestion for "improving" the 12 supreme days: Since SO MANY wonderful prizes are being so generously donated, maybe have more than just one winner each day. The other suggestion is to encourage the winner(s) to "pass it forward". So if every winner gets two or more "gifts" that they then pick one to pass on to another person.
#485 Lindsey Koehler 2015-12-23 07:03
Not much can be improved on such a fantastic event... I guess if I have to say something, I might like to know a date/time that winners will be drawn :)
#484 Tabitha Kamm 2015-12-23 06:03
To help spruce up the 12 supreme days of Christmas I would suggest putting all entries on facebook instead of on the website or facebook page. For some of them I know I get confused for what days the comments on the webpage are for. It hasn't been a problem yet but you wanna keep ahead of the possibility. :)
#483 steffi lovaas 2015-12-23 04:59
25 days instead of 12 days!!! I would love that also if possible maybe do 2 winners with first place and 2nd place getting different prizes. Also being able to just comment on you're facebook page would be nice as well!! Otherwise this is the first year I've heard of this and it's been really col just hope I win 12th day !!! :lol:
#482 Erin Lindsay 2015-12-23 04:54
I put mine on Facebook :-)
#481 Dustin E Schiffer 2015-12-23 04:46
I would say the best way to improve would be to look for different hosting. Sometimes it takes quite awhile to load the page, and sometimes it doesn't load at all. =)
#480 Teri Hurley 2015-12-23 04:27
Make it longer than twelve days! Lol Seriously tho u do such a great job putting this on every year. It's truly a genuine gester & in this hobby thats a rare quality! All of the vendors/donors really go out of their way & make this simply fantastic which leaves very little room for improvement. Other than more days the only thing i would recommend is trying to hype it up more prior to the days.
#479 Wally 2015-12-21 14:20
I want to point out that EACH winner is randomly picked (other than the prizes that are otherwise specified). using MANY of the winners I've never met/chatted with.
I feel bad that some people (you know who you are) work their butts off promoting and sharing this giveaway and don't win, I'll stick with a random # gen. in picking winners.
#478 Amanda Belisle 2015-12-21 04:38
All I want for christmas is a better vivarium.
#477 Kristen Lepa Randall 2015-12-21 03:05
I've got to read up on this species quite thoroughly while building him an awesome bioactive tanks. Here I come RABS for your help! Ooh, glad it's not shipping weather yet!

Thank you _everyone_ for all the prizes contributed! :D