Supreme Gecko The 12 Supreme Days of Christmas


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Welcome to Year 5!  Wait till you see what's in store for you this year!!!   Hint-  do you need a new enclosure?!?

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As you know, all the gifts given out during the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas are FREE!  A special thank you to all our vendors/breeders for their generosity!

Why do the vendors donate so much?  Well, there is the aspect of exposure of their business/product (as this event gains in popularity each year and gets thousands of views and comments on social media pages) but I truly feel those donating are doing it, like I am, as a gift back to the community.

Rainbow Reptiles LLL Reptile ReptileDirect christmas christmas Natures Replica



LLLReptile RAW Reptiles





christmas davidsfinegeckos Reptile Apartment Ridiculous rhacs christmas WCR

David's Fine








West Coast


Rainbow mealworms MS2 a ReptileRapture NARBC MAHS Switzer Reptiles





Reptile Rapture NARBC

Madison Area

Herp Society



Tundra Exotics

repti-ledge  logo

Captive-Bred-Specialties Supreme Gecko    




Captive Bred







This year, in addition to the 12 unreal gifts (or is it more like 20!) we will pick a Grand Gift Winner!  The gift will be given DEC. 27.  So, what is the gift?  Wait until you read this!  From Repti-Ledge a Large Repti-Viv (a $65 value) and from Supreme Gecko (yes, I know you've been asking when I was going to donate), a $135 gift certificate to our store.  Total value $ 200!

How do you enter?  Do the things you are doing.  There are two purposes to this giveaway-  promote our wonderful donors, get you super nice gifts in appreciation to all you do, and have fun!  Ok, 3 things.  So-  Share Share Share!  Promote the heck out of this even so we can keep this going next year!

 For the gift pull, we will have 5 entrants.  Two will earn an entry (Erin MacDonald has already earned one of the spots), and 3 will be selected based on their ability to promote the event.  Post on Facebook, Instagram (#12SDOC), and Twitter (#12SDOC).  I know someone that has a web site and she added a link to this page.  Send me a private message on FB or in the comments below to let me know what you've done.


 HERE'S A CHANCE TO ENTER-  Head over to Repti-Ledge or my Facebook page at Wally Kern and-  Share the post from me (beginning 'Thank you Repti-Ledge for all...'), and add as many of your reptile friends as you can (please FB link them)! Winner will be selected by me 12/26  (NOW COMPLETE).


1. Erin McDonald

2. Nancy Harker

3. Chad Kreger

4. Christine Wise

5. Amy DeGraffenreid Hartong





ReptiLedge cages        +  dollars


 Day 12 

Captive-Bred-SpecialtiesFrom Ryan Hill of Captive Bred Specialties has donated a 12x12x18 Exo Terra terrerium!  This is the 4th year in a row I believe that Ryan has been Day 12 and donated a wonderful enclosure like this.  I cannot thank him enough for continuing this tradition.  This enclosure would make a great Christmas gift  (you your loved one.... or just for you!).   You must use this enclosure for a gecko though  (just kidding).   

Captive Bred Specialties is located in Waukesha (SW of Milwaukee) so this gift will be a LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.  Quick note-  we have a very generous donation from Pongo Alameda to pay for shipping if you are not local and need shipping for this gift!!!!

ExoTerra Enclosure 

TO ENTER -    


1. As simple as this-  Post a comment below and finish off this sentence-  "All I want for Christmas is..."   

(if you are not local but would still like to leave a comment, just follow it up with NOT LOCAL).  Thank you

I will randomly select a winner December 24 (sometime around noon).

Don't forget to keep sharing on FB for a chance to win our special GRAND GIFT!

THE WINNER IS- Janet Margelowsky


 Day 11 

Today, we have 2 gifts!  

repti-ledge  logo From Jeffrey Ribeiro of Repti-Ledge (yes, he has donated 4 gifts!!!) 2 acrylic (Repti-ViV)- one 6x6x10 enclosure ($35) and one 10x10x14 ($50).  The first acrylic reptile terrarium on the market where you can enjoy a 360 view of your pet.  See more details HERE.  Shipping is even included in these gifts!  Repti-Ledge has other upcoming gifts but enter below to grab this one!  




TO ENTER -    1. Leave a comment below (you'll need to scroll a bit).  Answer this question-  How can Supreme Gecko improve.  Consider our Facebook page, this web page, our store, YouTube channel, Instagram, our animals, etc.  Whatever you think we need to work on.  Be Frank please!!  I would like to take these considerations and improve what we are doing.

I will pick a winner for both enclosure myself based on the comments (12/19 evening).

For the 6x6x10 enclosure-  THE WINNER IS- Sue Tiger 

For the 10x10x14 enclosure-  THE WINNER IS- Kristen Randall


 Day 10 

Today, we have 2 gifts!  Thank you all!  

Tundra Exotics 1. From Charles Schurman of Tundra Exotics an unbelievable gift!  This is a 12 x 12 x 18 custom frog enclosure with sliding doors and fruit fly resistant top and front venting.  It also includes:  False bottom and substrate, a piece of cork, a coco hub, some plants and cleaning bugs.  All it needs is the animals, supplements and a light!   This is a $175 value!




TO ENTER -    

1. Go to Tundra Exotics and LIKE their page

2. Leave a message "LIKED" on the page.  (if you are already a fan, just post- ALREADY LIKED).  (you must do both!)

(Buyer pays shipping, if required- $30)


repti-ledge  logo 2. From Jeffrey Ribeiro of Repti-Ledge a very cool acrylic (Repti-ViV) 6x6x10 enclosure.  The first acrylic reptile terrarium on the market where you can enjoy a 360 view of your pet.  See more details HERE.  Shipping is even included in the gift!  Repti-Ledge has other upcoming gifts but enter below to grab this one!  A $40 value!



TO ENTER -    

1. Go to Repti-Ledge and LIKE their page

2. Leave a message "LIKED" on the page.  (if you are already a fan, just post- ALREADY LIKED).


 Day 9 

Today, we have 3 gifts!  Thank you all!  

WCR 1. From West Coast Roaches-  1,000 small roaches ($40 value).  That is a lot of feeders.  West Coast Roaches have been donating for years!  Thank you so much for supporting us another year.



Switzer Reptiles 2. From Linda Switzer of Switzer Reptiles a $30 gift certificate.  Linda gets in some of the rarest animals you can find!  If you are looking for a healthy, hard to find gecko, please visit Switzer Reptiles.



MAHS 3. From Madison Area Herpetological Society (MAHS) we have a full, complete ZooMed 20 Gallon Snake Kit!  This is a $125 valued gift.  Madison is one of the most influential reptile societies in the entire country.  Thanks to so many people in the group (including Ryan McVeigh) for spreading the word that Reptiles Are Cool!


MAHS b    MAHS a


Snake Kit


TO ENTER -  (again, these are 3 separate gifts- you can enter one comment per gift if you wish).  

1. Post a comment below and let me know- In 2014, what was the best reptile related event that happened to you?

2.  Add which gift you would like to win in the post (same post)?  Simply put #1, #2, or #3.


 Day 8 

Today, we have 2 gift.  Thank you both!  

ReptileRapture 1. From Richard at Reptile Rapture.  If you live in Wisc. you MUST see his store.  Carrying all the supplies your reptile needs to be healthy.  Richard is also such an influence to everyone in the area.  Note- Reptile Rapture can ship animals and supplies also!  Visit the Reptile Rapture web store or the Reptile Rapture facebook page.

This is the Vivarium Electronics VE-200.  This proportional thermostat is a table top model designed to sit nicely on top of your racks or cages.  Control your temps with this small, powerful unit.  $115 Value

AND THE WINNER IS- Jason Gallant


NARBC 2. From Brian Potter.  TWO VIP passes to the Spring 2015 NARBC show in Tinley Park (Chicago).  If you have never experienced the VIP treatment, you will not be disappointed.  They get you in DURING SETUP on Friday night and Saturday 2 1/2 hours before the show opens!  See the amazing animals at NARBC BEFORE anyone else!  

Please-  only enter the giveaway for THIS gift if you are able to attend the NARBC show Spring 2015 in Tinley Park. Visit the NARBC web page to see all the exciting events going on in this 3 day reptiFEST!    Gift Value-  $100!

AND THE WINNER IS- Gretia Shrout


TO ENTER -  (again, these are 2 separate gifts)  Post a comment below.  

For the VE-200, add the comment "Thank you Reptile Rapture"

For the 2 NARBC VIP tickets, add the comment "Thank you Brian Potter".

Remember, you can enter for both gifts if you wish, but you MUST have a separate post for each.  

Again, to support these wonderful reptile establishments please visit their pages and drop a THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE 12 SUPREME DAYS OF CHRISTMAS on them.  Brian Potter and Richard Allen of Reptile Rapture

Drawing Friday 12/12

(you will need to page down past Gift #1 to find the comment!)


 Day 7 

Today, we have 1 gift from two donors.  Thank you both!  

A Feeder Special!  

Rainbow mealworms  From Rainbow Mealworms we have 10,000 (YES, I said 10,000) mealworms and a 6oz Repash Superload.

MS2 a  From Marcy Sowers of MS2 Enterprises we have 6lbs MS2 Premium Chow, 2lbs MS2 Premium Worm Substrate, and 2oz water crystals.

This is a gift way over $100 in value!

TO ENTER-  head over to my FB page ( Wally Kern ) and find the photo below.  SHARE IT!

Day 7

 AND THE WINNER IS- Kristi Cichy-Houseman


 Day 6 

Today, we have 1 gift from two donors.  Thank you both!  

What a great gift!   Actually 2 gifts to one winner.  From West Coast Roaches we have a donation of 1 Small dubia starter kit (value of $65) AND from Nancy Harker another 8oz Pangea crested gecko diet.

West Coast Roaches have donated for year and year to this event.  This is also the 2nd gift in the even from Nancy!

Day 6 Base

TO ENTER-   Today is Social Media entry day.  You may enter on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram.  You may even enter once on all 3 to better your odds!

On Twitter-  Add a tweet with this link  ( and the hashtag #12SDOC

On Instagram- Find us ( ), find the photo above, and just follow directions.

On Facebook-  Go to my Facebook page-  and follow directions for the post with the photo above.

AND THE WINNER IS- Chris Butterworth


 Day 5 

Today, we have 1 gift from two donors.  Thank you both!  


Ridiculous rhacs From Doug Kulie Ridiculous Rhacs.  $100 off any gecko!  Based out of Wheaton IL. Specializing in Rhacodactylus Geckos. Currently Breeding Leachianus, Chahouas, Gargoyles, Sarasinorums, Cresteds, and Trachys. My mission is to produce quality reptiles available at a competitive price.


From Nancy Harker.  Nancy has generously donated an 8 ounce bag of Pangea crested gecko diet.

Pangea crested gecko diet


TO ENTER-   Head on over to Doug Kulie's site Ridiculous Rhacs  (CLICK HERE), like his page if you haven't already, and say THANK YOU for you gift.

AND THE WINNER IS- Adam Christopher


 Day 4 

Today, we have 2 gifts!  PLEASE feel free to enter each if you wish.

david 1. From DavidsFineGeckos   David Pelle has been an inspiration in the gecko world with his high quality leoopard geckos and leading edge radio show- Gecko Nation Radio on BlogTalkRadio.  Dave also has one of the most popular, informative, and welcoming Gecko blogs on Facebook, called Gecko Nation.  You can find his web page at DavidsFineGeckos.


Dave has donated $50 off any of his geckos over $ 100.  Thank you so much Dave.   

davidsfinegeckos      gecko nation radio

TO ENTER-  1.  Click Here--> Gecko Nation  2. Click LIKE  3. Leave a comment below  "Liked Gecko Nation"

 AND THE WINNER IS- Erin Lindsay


John Taylor   2. From John Taylor  John Taylor is an author/journalist and the CEO/owner of Reptile Apartment Group.  RAG is a collection of webistes providng free original herpetoculture content across the globe.  Reptile Apartment Canada, Reptile Living Room, Reptile Apartment, and are all based around providing herpetocultural content in various formats.  John has been writing for over twenty four years, the past decade or more of which has been dedicated to herpetoculture.

Reptile Apartment   uromastyx  

John has donated The Guide to Uromastyx.  This has JUST been released!!!

The Guide to Uromastyx currently retails at around $49.99 available via Whether you are an amateur or advanced hobbyist The Guide to Uromastyx by John Taylor is a must have for anyone interested in Uromastyx lizards. The Guide to Uromastyx is a complete guide to enriching the captive lives of these incredible lizards. Throughout this book the author covers in depth, Different species and subspecies available to the hobby, Dietary needs and what foods are acceptable,Captive care requirements, types of enclosures.

TO ENTER-  1.  Go to Reptile Living Room  2. Click LIKE  3. Leave a comment below  "Liked Reptile Living Room"

AND THE WINNER IS- Erica Shallcross


Winners will be selected Sunday December 07


 Day 3 

Today, we have 3 gifts!  PLEASE feel free to enter each if you wish (but enter as separate posts please).

see end of Day 3 for Entry to Grand Prize Winner

Natures Replica  1. From Nature's Replica a really cool company that creates unreal hides and reptile decor.  They have donated a beautiful hide ($50 value).

AND THE WINNER IS- Monica Thomson

Rock Hide



Elise Hightower Bailey 01  2. From Elise Hightower Bailey of Fandom Exotics.  Elise is a wonderful hobbyist that is donating after winning one of our top gifts last year.  Thank you so much Elise.

$25 gift certificate for these really cool and colorful paracord vines.


Elise Hightower Bailey 04     Elise Hightower Bailey 05


Harness 3  3. From Christene OgleRpets Ogle.  Christine has donated 3 $15 gift certificates (3 different winners!) for her reptile harnesses.  Really cool shapes and sizes!  They come in a multitude of sizes so you can pick what works for you.

AND THE WINNER IS- Vanessa Johnson, Kassi Waagen, and Madonna Liptrap

harness 2   Harness 4    harness 1


TO ENTER -  post a comment below.  Add the # you wish to win (gift #1, gift #2, or gift #3) , then a caption on the photo below.   Remember, you can enter for all 3 if you wish but you MUST have a separate post and a different caption for each.  

NOTE- Best caption (my choice) will be entered into the Grand Prize giveaway!



GRAND PRIZE ENTRY WINNER  (winner will be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end)

There were some great enteries in the caption gift giveaway!  I was rolling on the floor.  My favorites-

Cutest-  Lily Micho-  "I was going to save some for you mom!  Really..."

Funny-ist-  Erin MacDonald  "Red Light!!!"    (Erin, right on!!!)

Most Like Christal-   Erica Shallcross  "U can have just one bite"

Least Like Christal- Pat LaFaive-  "This is sticky and there's no way I'm getting my hands yucky in this outfit" 

Most Original-  Autumn Harrison  "What? No....I was just....Yawning... Yes that's it.... When did this cupcake get here!"

Most Reptile Related-  Meaghan ockwood-  "I'm just going to unhinge my jaw and eat it whole!  Just like a snake!"

and Most Brownoser  :)  Amanda-Ian Douglas  "That face you make when you find out your comment just got you entered into the GRAND PRIZE for the 12 Supreme Days of Christmas.

Thank you everyone for being so creative.

AND THE WINNER IS- Erin MacDonald    Erin, this was just so short and right to the point.  Thanks!


 Day 2 

Today, we have 2 gifts again!  PLEASE feel free to enter both if you wish.

ReptileDirect  1. From  a $50 Gift Certificate.  They have been a sponsor of this event since the second year!  

To Enter-  Simply leave a comment below-  and mention "Entry for"

Also, could you please click on their logo and go LIKE their FB page.  Please?



Rebecca Wyman   2.  From Rebecca Wyman-  RAW Reptiles.  What a wonderful gift.  Rebecca, who is so active in the Madison Area Herpetological Society has donated a 1lb bag of the Pangea diet AND a $100 gift certificate toward any animal she has for sale.  

Pangea crested gecko diet  and  100dollars

To Enter-  Simply leave a comment below-  and mention "Entry for Rebecca"

Also, could you please click on her logo and go LIKE her FB page.  Please?  Leave a comment thanking her while you are at it.  Thanks!

AND THE WINNER IS- Briauna Conino



 Day 1 

Today, we start with 2 gifts.

Rainbow Reptiles1.  From Janet Margelowsky of Rainbow Reptiles-  2 young Paroedura picta.  These geckos are so cool!  They are super cool and easy to care for.  Perfect time for a perfect Christmas gift to the family.

Pic14Pair 3a 0401 

Picture is not of actual P. picta you will receive.  But they are nice, I am sure.

AND THE WINNER IS-   Deborah Rapoport


LLL Reptile2. From LLLReptile-  A $25 Gift Certificate to LLLReptile.  

25 dollars

AND THE WINNER IS-   Terry Hedglin

TO ENTER:   Simply leave a comment below-   "I love picta"  to win the 2 Paroedura picta  OR  "I love LLLReptile"  to win the gift certificate.  It's as easy as that!  And yes, you can post a comment for both to be entered to win both! 


WINNERS  will be randomly selected and announced Wednesday night (12/3)


Last Year’s GiveAways-  Here is a sampling of gifts given away:

2 $50 gift certificates, 1 $100 gift certificate, $150 Graphic design work, a Monsoon Mister, feeder/breeder roach packages, a red flame crested gecko, a pair of rare geckos, pangea CGD package, and a 12x12x18 Enclosure!

Last year's Sponsors....


 Fauna Top Sites Reptile Related Top Sites

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#936 Jessica 2015-12-01 19:52
All I want for Christmas is more reptiles :lol:
Not local
#935 Sarah Welch 2015-12-01 16:04
I love LLL Reptile
#934 AmydH 2015-12-01 11:00
So exited about the 12 days of Christmas. Thank you to Wally and all of the wonderful sponsors! Merry Christmas and good luck to everyone!
#933 serviced apartments 2015-06-18 04:24
Woah! I'm really loving the template/theme of this site. It's simple, yet
effective. A lot of times it's very hard to get that "perfect balance" between superb usability
and appearance. I must say you have done a excellent
job with this. Also, the blog loads super fast for me on Firefox.
Outstanding Blog!
#932 Peaches 2014-12-28 00:12
Congratulations Christine!
#931 Julie Connell 2014-12-25 00:28
All I want for Christmas is a snake mug like the one on Craig Ferguson
#930 Missi Everard 2014-12-24 17:45
All I want for Christmas is my first crested gecko!!
#929 John Davis 2014-12-24 17:00
All I want for Christmas is a Red Harley male Crested Gecko for 2015 breeding season-Not local
#928 Wallace lee 2014-12-24 11:20
All I want for Christmas is a new incubator !
#927 Cindy Bensaid 2014-12-24 02:40
All I want for Christmas is an EXO Terra To keep my Dumpy Frogs in! :)
#926 Lisa Doornek 2014-12-24 02:00
All I want for Christmas is a safe, quiet holiday, and no snow all winter!!
#925 Amy d 2014-12-24 02:00
All I want for Christmas is.. Everyone in my life to be healthy and happy.

And my hubby to be ok with me breeding geckos next year!
#924 Elise Bailey 2014-12-24 01:06
Ooops! *not local*
#923 Elise Bailey 2014-12-24 01:06
All I want for Christmas is for my hubby to like reptiles. Today we got our first C. Tropidosternum & he loves it so that's a start!
#922 Brooke Elder 2014-12-24 00:34
All I want for Christmas is...
I'd love to be able to get enough money to fix my dogs torn ACL. She means so much to me and to have her be able to walk and run with no pain!
:) I'd love for all my animals to get everything they deserve especially my geckos from supreme geckos and my Tegu calypso because they bring so much joy into my life and everyone else surrounding.
#921 Peaches 2014-12-23 23:05
"All I want for Christmas is..."
during this time every year is have my family together for xmas.
With everyone out of state it never happens. I spend Christmas every year by myself, and my reptile family (Spanky too) and I make them a special dinner :)
Nothing I rather do more besides that is have my family, and for everyone to have a safe and wonderful Holidays!
#920 Charlotte Overlay 2014-12-23 22:57
All I want for Christmas is peaceful time at home with the family and the critters. But a 12 x 12 x 18 terrarium would be nice too. :lol:
#919 Savannah Fields 2014-12-23 22:50
All I want for Christmas is a family who loves reptiles as much as I do!!

(Not Local)
#918 Dustin Schiffer 2014-12-23 22:28
All I want for Christmas is more room for all my scaley friends. =) I spend all my money on my reptiles, but they bring me so much joy.

(Not Local)
#917 Alack Roberts 2014-12-23 20:04
All I Want For Christmas is a few minutes more with the one i lost.
#916 Chele Anderson 2014-12-23 16:57
Merry Christmas and Thank you so much to everyone that has so graciously donated to this Special event! it has been fun seeing all the wonderful gifts and meeting new people! & "All I want for Christmas is." my kids to behave & to be able to have a relaxing and fun time with family & to WIN this awesome prize as I am needing it very badly!! :lol: (Not Local) ty
#915 DavJay Golden 2014-12-23 16:08
All I want for Christmas is for everyone to have a fun filled day with their family and friends! Merry Christmas!!! And my geckos would love this! :) (not local)
#914 Connie Jones 2014-12-23 15:06
All I want for Christmas is to Wish All a very Happy Day with Family. Not Local.
#913 Melissa Hendrickson 2014-12-23 14:24
Thanks, to all the vendors/breeder s for making this possible...All I want for Christmas is... stuff for my reptiles :D -- NOT LOCAL
#912 Erica Shallcross 2014-12-23 13:40
All I want for Christmas is a nice day opening presents with my family by the fireplace. :-) not local
#911 Alyssa T 2014-12-23 13:27
:roll: All I want for Christmas is... Is a hippopotamus and my two front teeth:) jk but for everyone to have a safe and Merry Christmas. (Not local)
#910 Rachel Wilson 2014-12-23 11:54
All I want for Christmas is for the friends and family who have given up so much to give my fiance and I a dream wedding to have a wonderful Christmas, especially my aunt who has gone above and beyond even when goingthrough tough personal times
#909 john conklin 2014-12-23 09:45
All I want for Christmas is a tile cutter. for cutting tile for my vivs.
#908 Porcelain Widow 2014-12-23 09:30
All I want for Christmas is for my gecko to get better, he has been sick and I'm hoping his medicine is working. This tank would make a lovely upgrade for him once he's eating again and grows in size. Thank you. :)

#907 joyce wright 2014-12-23 09:09
:lol: all I want for Christmas is to see my children whom hasn't seen or spoke to me in a year. For a mother that's heart breaking. And I'm sorry but I have another niI wish for my health disease n conditions to go away. A day with no pain would be heaven!
#906 Kristen Randall 2014-12-23 07:41
All I want for Christmas is...

Nothing. My dog already survived cancer surgery earlier this month with a good outlook, and I don't need anything else.

I already won something, not really trying to win again, but I wanted to say that.
#905 Kendra 2014-12-23 07:22
All I want for Christmas is a new Exon-Terran from Captive Bred Specialties!
#904 Jason Gallant 2014-12-23 06:54
All i want for Christmas is: to Enjoy Christmas with my family and reptiles and Wish Everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and an Exo Terra Viv would be awesome so i can get it all set up and ready for my first Tokay Gecko Morph..
#903 Kristie hosier 2014-12-23 06:54
all I want for Christmas is for my family and friends to be healthy and happy.
#902 Aaron Sears 2014-12-23 06:39
All I want for Christmas is family happiness
#901 Nicole Gladem 2014-12-23 06:11
All I want for Christmas is ? A chance to see my family all together. For my family to be healthy, wealthy, and wise!
#900 Steve Gladem 2014-12-23 06:07
All I want for Christmas is : My family to be healthy and for all their dreams come true. My son said to throw in he wants more geckos!!!!!
#899 Carrie L 2014-12-23 06:01
all I want for Christmas is sleep!