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   Posting the activities in the Supreme Gecko and reptile world on a daily (or almost daily) basis.   Wed 9/17 2014  &nb [ ... ]

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The Most Underrated Gecko Is B...

Two and a half years ago, we started a project called The Most Underrated Gecko.  This is a sister project to Oliver Kuepper's RawDog Reptiles' w [ ... ]

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Most Underrated Geckos - 31 Ur...

Uroplatus sp. nov. aff. ebenaui (Spear-point Gecko) The U. ebenaui are a small arboreal and nocturnal gecko.  Their native habitat range is the  [ ... ]

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Most Underrated Geckos - 30 Co...

  Among the most under-rated geckos in captive environments are Coleonyx variegatus ssp, also known as Western Banded Geckos, which are members  [ ... ]

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